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Motivated Real Estate Agents!



We’re going to make 35 connections

over 7 days and close at least 1 sale!

FEBRUARY 1st 2021

Expired, FSBO & Follow Up Master Camp

Circle Prospecting

Includes area listings, coming soon, my neighborhood, and area trends. We will determine the most profitable areas to focus on having live conversations and dropping messages.

For Sale By Owners

Stand out when you call for sale by owners. You will have access to the best scripts, follow up systems and understand why having the most options will help you win with fsbo's in this competitive environment.

Expired Listings

Expired sellers are a great source of immediate business. If you can convince them that you can get the job done these sellers will re-list their homes with you immediately. Similar to FSBOs you will need to stand out. .

Sphere Of Influence

These are the people who typically know, like and trust us and they can be a great source of business. Learn to call and connect through brining value and not sounding like you're just calling to look for business.

Absentee Owners

As markets change many of these savvy sellers are thinking about cashing out and using their money in other areas. These sellers can turn into long term clients who do many deals with us. Learn the questions, lingo and the wholesaling conversation.


Voice-drops are an awesome way to become top of mind with all of these clients. Learn how to drop a message along with what to say and how to get people to call you back. Voice-drops have become my most efficient way to generate business.

Launch Monday February 1st

Monday - Monday 1 pm EST



Chapter 10 of The Sales Playbook - PDF The fortune is in the follow up. There are a few simple adjustments that-- once you make them-- you will find yourself connecting at the exact right time.

Mastering The Art and Science of the Cold Call. I’ve made over 30,000 cold calls in my sales career-- and I’ll reveal the conversation secrets that have me a top salesman in all the industries I’ve sold into Scripts.

Creating, Empowering and Inspiring Accountability. I’ll show you how to create an accountability structure that doesn’t tear you down, but builds you up and energizes you.

Optimum Sales Day Scheduling. Daily Accountability Sheet This may sound dull but, trust me, this is my secret weapon. I’m going to show you how to structure your week so that not only do you get all your sales calls done every day, but you create more time for your family.

I invite you to join this select group of next-level sales professionals in powerfully sharpening their skills together. You’ll meet every day with me!

We’ll train, coach, drill, encourage, hold each other accountable AND at the end of 6 days you’ll have made another sale in your industry!

This is is a one time offer at a one time price! I only have a limited number of slots

and once they’re full I’ll have to close the challenge.




Master Real Estate Coach, Author,

Podcast Host and Realtor

I’m a real estate agent, sales trainer and expired listings expert. In the 34 years since I made my first phone sales call at 17 years old, I’ve spent over 30,000 hours talking to prospects on the phone. You heard that right: I’ve spent 30,000 hours on the phone trying to sell something to someone.

My first year in real estate (when I literally didn't know anything) I closed 42 transactions when the average agent in my market only closed six. I went on to build a real estate team and eventually become one of the top 100 agents at Keller Williams Realty (out of over 130,000 agents).

I had the amazing privilege of being coached directly by Gary Keller and to mastermind with some of the smartest real estate agents on the planet.